Creating a Culture of Learning is a workshop designed to examine your corporate learning culture and identify gaps that exist between your current and desired learning ecosystem.


Bring your company goals for 2018, and together we will design a framework to weave meaningful learning into your employees' daily lives and move your company toward their desired business outcomes.


You will return to your office with an actionable plan to share with your manager. By designing 2018 learning with the end in mind, your plan will kick-start a new way to approach learning at your organization.







What you get:


• Tools to self audit the people and technology that make up your learning ecosystem

• Examples of successful learning cultures


• Tools to measure the success of your learning culture


• 7 weeks of virtual learning sessions (2 hours once a week)

• Two hours of implementation coaching

Join our virtual workshop and jump-start your learning for 2018 with a laser focused strategy that enables your company to align learning with business outcomes.   Give your organization a competitive edge and lead your industry forward.

For those of you who are tired and frustrated with creating training that you inwardly know does not make a difference, join our seminar today.


Things deep down that you know, but can't say:

  • You have mastered smiley sheet evaluations from your learners…but you know they aren’t going to use the training your company spent thousands of dollars developing.
  • Your training budget keeps getting smaller and smaller while your employees aren’t making the improvements you need to see.
  • Your industry is changing quickly and your company is struggling to train or hire fast enough to keep your company competitive and viable.


If one or more of these thoughts have floated through your mind, you are in the right place.


Here at RWL Tech, LLC, we have devoted our lives to cultivating a culture of learning in our own lives and for our customers.  As the knowledge and information you need in the workplace evolves at exponential rates, the only way flourish is to be continually LEARNING. We guide you through the process of building learning programs that are a principal facet of your organization in order for you to be competitive and thrive.

Hi, I am Cheryl Johnson. After spending 20+ years in the industry, I know the type of learning that leads to lasting change and which are simply a waste of resources. If you are frustrated with the ineffective learning our companies insist on creating, I am here to mentor you through a process of building learning around business goals and finally create learning worth the investment of your company's precious time and money.


I am here to give you the tools and framework to create a culture in your company that invests in effective learning. During the time we spend together you will be coached through the sometimes challenging process of bringing a fresh approach to learning at your company.




During our Creating A Culture of Learning Seminar you will:


      • Discover the natural way your employees currently find meaningful information and leverage

         your existing learning resources knowing the new pieces will fit together easily.


      • Design a blueprint for MEANINGFUL learning resources and create a supportive environment

         in which employees master current skills and are eager to learn new knowledge, skills

         and attitudes.


      • Develop learning that captures and transfers the expert knowledge of seasoned workers to

         your new generation of employees.


This workshop is not suitable for:
      • Participants who want a better way to build an individual course

      • Naysayers who have allowed their prior experience trying to change your culture to jade their

         future of creating a culture where learning is a key driver to employee success

      • Those looking for a better PowerPoint presentation method





How Creating a Culture of Learning is Different?


This is not a seminar where you will sit and listen to great ideas. Instead, you will actively participate by sharing your project

and ideas with other participants to draft an actionable plan for your organization. It will include time-tested learning

strategies to implement a learning strategy for 2018 that is tied to business outcomes.


Logan County Electircal Cooperative

"Creating a Culture of Learning opened my eyes to the possibilities that learning has to transform an organization when designed properly."


Seton Home School

"Going through your course significantly helped our staff consider the many aspects of learning involved and focus on the needs of the students.  We give our students the best online learning experience we can, and your course was an important step in meeting that goal."


Manager, Talent Solutions, SweetRush Inc

"As Manager of Talent Solutions at SweetRush, my job consists of finding and supplying experienced L&D professionals (mostly Instructional Designers) for our clients. This course was key for me in order to understand what IDs do, how they think, and what makes a great ID. This has contributed over the years in my ability to assess accurately whether candidates would be able to perform and excel at a given position successfully."



January 11, 2018

Noon PT/3p ET


January 18, 2018

Noon PT/3p ET


January 25, 2018

Noon PT/3p ET


February 1, 2018

Noon PT/3p ET


February 15, 2018

Noon PT/3p ET


February 22, 2018

Noon PT/3p ET





Virtual Session:  The Culture of Your Organization: The People and the Technology Tools that Support Learning


Virtual Session: Learning Program Audit (What is Working, What is Not)


Virtual Session: Where Are We Now?   What Does Our Learning Program Look Like


Virtual Session: Where Do We Want To Go (Matching learning outcomes to business goals)


Virtual Session: Measuring Success



Virtual Session: Changing Culture:  The people and the learning


Virtual Conference Call (Two hours of individual coaching)




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